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About Rapture Ready

The group’s burning creativity and passion for music has no limits. It’s a fusion of electro-pop, soul, R&B and funk that doesn’t exclude anyone. A striking meeting between the lead singer Patrik ”Isak” Isaksson, bassist and keyboard player Martin Johan-Lo Östman and drummer Dijle Yigitbas, became the start of Rapture Ready. The music dresses well in a suite of a dark club. A mix up of dancing people being its date.

Hope the music will knock out your emotions; make you Rapture Ready.

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Meet the band members


The singer and songwriter Isak has had a successful solo carrier before he converged with Martin and Dijle and started Rapture Ready. He had his breakthrough with the album “Quiet Confession”. He hasn’t stopped writing songs since. With his characteristic heart breaking voice he adds an exciting, almost desperate sound to the group.

Martin Johan-Lo

The bassist and keyboard player Martin has a wide experience of music as a songwriter, producer and DJ. He also tours worldwide with his circus group “Sirqus Alfon”. In the 90s Martin and Isak´s musical paths crossed. After some years apart they are now reunited. Martin delivers a vibrant sound to Rapture Ready.


With her exploding beat Dijle reaches out to the heart of the crowd. The DJ has a music history with Timbuktu, Mapei etc. After the captivating meeting with her current band members, she continue to deliver irresistible beats.


Debut album "Tertium Quid" out 26 november2013-11-24

Rapture Ready’s debut album Tertium Quid stands for their ambition to go their own way, make their own path, and follow it to the end. Already trodden paths seams meaningless and wrong. Only paths trodden by Rapture Ready are interesting enough and therefore the right way for them. This album shows how the group choose the third alternative, Tertium Quid. This album is to ya’ll who has realised nothing is neither black nor white. The album Tertium Quid delivers an eclectic fuse of Electro, Soul, House, RnB and Pop. Listen to the hypnotizing voice and find the message of Tertium Quid in every detail. Details like thumping bass, funky beats and soulful sounds. Nothing is black and white here. Tertium Quid everybody, we’ll find a way…you’ll see.

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